PCM Innovative Pte Ltd

Our Services

PCM Innovative provides the following services:

1. Airconditioning and mechanical ventilation services

- Design, install, repair and maintenance of DX split unit, water-cooled
package unit, chilled water system, computer room airconditioners
- ACMV system design and application
- ACMV testing and commissioning service
- ACMV heat load calculation
- ACMV system preventive maintenance program and service
- Cold Room and Chiller Room design and application
- Indoor Air Quality design and validation
- Robotic duct cleaning and sanitation
- Mechanical ventilation for kitchen, car park, toilet, lobby and staircase

2. Electrical services

- Switch board and control panel
- PLC control
- Starter panel
- Electrical works

3. Fire Protection services

- Fire suppression design and application
- FM200 gas suppression
- Automatic sprinkler system

4. Plumbing & Sanitary services

- Plumbing and sanitary works
- Waste ejaculation pump

5. Other services

- Customized PVC curtain strip
- Remote/BMS monitoring system
- Drafting
- Handyman service

6. Training services

With increasing life expectancy, it is important that we continually upgrade and update ourselves through training opportunity. At PCM, we tailored and conduct our own in-house training courses in M&E maintenance for individual who plan to venture, have an open mind to change and ready to take up new challenges.

We will provide technical hands-on training, technical know how, technical support and guidance to enable aspiring individuals start up and build up a new business skill of their own.

These course are designed to get the trainees up and running in the shortest time possible.

Please contact us for details on the training course and schedules.


PCM Innovative Pte Ltd
9 Tagore Lane #04-12
9 @ Tagore
Singapore 787472
Tel: 65-6451 6922
Fax: 65-6459 2922
E-mail: sales@pcminnovative.com.sg

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